We are an Amateur Radio club in the San Francisco Bay Area that provides classes and testing for those interested in getting their Amateur Radio license or in upgrading their existing license.  

We hold three to four sessions per year, depending on interest and classroom availability. Generally, the sessions range between 75 and 100 participants.

Our method was developed by John Portune, W6NBC, in 1995 to improve the percentage of people passing the exam. See John’s website at http://w6nbc.com/  for information on the design and results from this learning system.  We have helped approximately ~4600 people obtain their radio licenses since we began these sessions.

This is NOT a class. It is a guided study six 45-minute pool reading periods, with breaks and lunch. This is the most efficient way to maximize attention span against study fatigue. In other words, we tell you how to study, keep you doing it in an organized way and then give the test as soon as you are finished. It is a proven "winning formula". Short term memory is the "secret" of the high success rate. All exam questions will be what you study during the session. This is the biggest reason why 90% are easily able to recognize the correct answers immediately after reading the question pool thoroughly, leading to a high pass ratio.

We have found that those very young (less than 14) and those with learning disabilities will not do as well with this method. Because this system allows the individual to study at their own pace, it requires the individual be self motivated. We’d be happy to discuss this further with you.

The study session begins at 8:00 AM. The exam on the material starts at 4:00 P.M. The exam is open to all students in the class, as well as anyone else wishing to take an exam without attending the study session. Thank you for visiting.

  If you are taking Element 4 (Extra class), you need only pay the test fee of $14. We do not provide study materials for Element 4. You are welcome to join us for the classroom section nonetheless.

Exams only (no study session) are available from 9:00AM-3:00PM. If you are planning take an exam only, please do not arrive before then.

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